Monday, November 05, 2012

So I had another crappy day at office. Which got crappier when it got pitch dark and I was still at work (well, it was just 4 PM but still ! Indians aren`t used to staying in office 'der raat' tak :D).So I go for my I`m-pissed-with-work-with-life-with-everything fix at the mall just to take my mind off sick 'n' styoopid office politics - doesn`t work. Come back home, switch on the radiator, plonk myself in bed, dial S up and off I go - like a kid who is straining against his mom`s grip in a toy store and is suddenly let go. S listens to me , never interrupting, ever generous with well-timed Ohs and aisa kyas and hmmms. While im on this tirade I do get these faint alarms of 'there`s something else I needed to speak with S about .. something important' which get auto-snoozed as I retch and double up over another bout of verbal diarrhoea. At one point I sense that my lips have gone dry and throat is parched so I reluctantly take a break and take a couple of gulps of water and then it strikes me - a much petrified S had got a Root Canal treatment done that evening and a picture of a swollen face nodding 'hmmmms' and 'ohs' flashed in my head making me feel like an absolute dick (that I think I pretty much was in those entire 45 minutes of non-stop ranting about how miserable I am, in this miserable country in this miserable weather in this miserable city with a miserable boss and down with a miserable pre-fever sore throat). Selfish selfish selfish ol' me ! And my darling S - The quintessential 3-am bff :) and ... oh yeah who also happens to be the husband by the way :) It soon is going to be 2 years of being 'Mr. & Mrs. Neogi' and I think by now I pretty much know what the next 20 years of being a missus to this man are going to be like. The types who sit up late in the night lending a patient ear to inconsequential rants about inconsequential things in life. I remember hissing a completely off-track 'why in hell aren`t you a CEO already !' to S to which the reply is an indulgent 'See, I`m this lazy bum who needs to stream and watch Bigg Boss every night and wake up and have tea and marie biscuits in the balcony and play Temple Run while on the pot and watch SaReGaMaPa Bangla with Maa and analyse US Elections with Daddy and look up recipes for Peri-peri chicken and yeah needs to clock in a coupla hours over phone with you.Such a lot to do ! Where do I fit in a CEO into this !

Have I landed a keeper or what !! :))

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