Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What`s up ?

Trying to mind-map the several 'whats' going on in my lazy busy brain. Here`s to finding some connect somewhere. Amen !


- I need : A steaming cup of coffee with just some droplets of actual coffee and heapfuls of sugar (Didn't I tell you I`m a wannabe coffee person. Have been, perhaps always will be :D

- I want : The husband to roll-back into being the bff he was and listen to me rant and rant some more and stroke my hair in return

- I should do : Tick the remaining 109 items off my daily to-do list

- I am doing : Vomiting words and thoughts alike before they assume a physical form

- I plan to do : Call Daddy and whine a bit, coo a bit and scold a lot

- I plan not to do : Accede to the meester`s plea for a few centimetres of extra bed-space tonight (He shouldn`t make these huge-ass demands off new-mommy and tiny-human. Tch-tch how insensitive of him !)

- I dream to do : Take a holiday on this Dream Cruise ! (New-mommy can day-dream can`t she)

- I`ve been procrastinating : Squat Challenges, Abs challenges, Push-up challenges.. you get the drift, don`t you ! ( C'mon Snape, brew me a tummy-flattener potion quick, will ya ?)

- I`m craving for : To get back home and nuzzle with tiny-human and be happily scratched back in return ( Tiny-human`s past life analysis - angry kitty !)

- I`m thankful for : Family.Period.

- I`m bitter about : Post-partum hair loss. (Ughh !)

- I`m sore about : Tiny-human`s first words being 'Babababa' (Daddy`s girl already :S !)

- I`m happy about : The Meester landing in town from S'pore tonight (Uh well, more happy-skippy about the dark-chocolate Toblerones actually :D )

- I`m excited about : Doing up our first home this fall. (Yippeeee!)

- I`m bored of : Nursing bras. ( La Senza, Beware you`re gonna be raided soon !)

- I`m irritated with : Haggling with B'lore autowallas. (Why is a meter installed in your ricks, again ?? :S)

- I`m loving : Juggling roles of a mom, wife, daughter, sister, bahu and a consultant. Every minute of my life :).