Monday, May 05, 2008

At times I wish people wouldnt use and abuse the words "I understand".

Hell, when u dont understand then just don`t say it.I don`t expect you to either.
Companionable silence would do just fine.
I wish people had half the heart to understand that they actually 'DON'T understand'.
I wish people would realise how painful it is to hear those words when they sound so unconvincing.

It is absolutely understandable that people won`t feel the pathos that you do, they would perhaps never be able to gauge the inner agony that an outwardly smiling face belies.
I pray that they never come face to face with the reason for the pain, the pathos, and the agony.
I also pray that they never utter the words "I understand", coz they actually don`t , coz they actually never will , coz I fervently hope they never really do ; coz if they do, they would never wanna hear another sappy "I understand".